Encountering God Through Art

I am an artist and God is my inspiration. When I come to paint, He meets with me. My art is produced in His presence, an act of love, it's first and above all for Him; so that through it, He can speak to the hearts of others, that they too will have an encounter with Him – the one true God, their Saviour, Jesus Christ. - Elizabeth McLellan

Artwork is an opportunity to encounter God.

God is the Master Artist who created the arts and has a purpose for it. When artists paint by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, there is a message from God in their artwork. He speaks through it where people can encounter Jesus personally. This type of art is also known as prophetic art. Prophetic art is a form of the gift of prophecy taught in the Bible, and also a form of worship. In these days, the Lord is moving through this art like never before, to touch people in a powerful way!

I love to feature amazing artists who create God-inspired art out of their own encounters with the Lord. They are a part of an army of artists that God is raising up, who are devoted to glorifying Him and revealing what's on His heart. I am gathering artists on my site and lifting them up so their work can be seen by more people across the globe.


I live in Ontario, Canada with my husband Luke and kids Meira and Micah. I began Fire & Colour in 2016 as an online shop to sell the Christian gifts I created. In 2018, the Lord shifted Fire & Colour to be art-focused. That’s when I returned to painting for Jesus and rediscovered how awesome it is to work together with God to create something beautiful that can touch lives!

I regularly post updates, behind the scenes and other inspirational things on my social media. Follow my art journey on my Instagram and Facebook page!

It’s so nice to meet you :)