Emboldened by the Sustaining Source

Emboldened by the Sustaining Source

I love this art piece! Meghan is very talented at creating extraordinary digital images from what the Lord speaks to her. In this fallen world, be encouraged that the Lord is with us and is causing change through us. Be blessed!

- Elizabeth McLellan


Emboldened by the Sustaining Source by Meghan Williams

Digital Art

Emboldened by the Sustaining Source reminds us to focus on our relationship with the Father. The time spent with Him, and intimacy in our relationship with Him, is transforming – causing us to boldly reflect His heart to the world. Related scriptures: Proverbs 28:1 (TPT), Acts 4:31 (AMP), and Philippians 4:13 (AMP).

A Prophetic Nugget from Daily Downloads from Heaven by Meghan Williams is connected to this. It’s called “Be Bold in Your Confidence in Me,” and is based on Proverbs 28:1 (MSG). “Beloved, be of good character – solidly founded in My Word. Walk with the confidence that comes of right relationship with Me. And then stay in that place. Choose wisely, and walk in integrity. From that solid foundation, live out loud and allow your faith to shine forth. Let your actions speak for you, and your words – when requested, support the truths that your life already clearly portrays. Be bold – not in your personal accomplishments and beliefs, but rather be bold in your confidence in Me and who I AM, for I AM worthy.”

Another Prophetic Nugget from Daily Downloads from Heaven by Meghan Williams is connected to this. It’s called “Be Bold in the Holy Spirit,” and is based on Acts 4:13 (TPT). “Beloved, boldness doesn’t have to come from training or education. Boldness can come from firm and unwavering belief. True faith doesn’t come from unquestionable physical evidence, for where would faith be in simple fact? To exercise faith is to be confident in what is understood through less tangible means. So rather than waiting for irrefutable evidence or certain levels of education, instead allow yourself to be bold in the Holy Spirit. Allow Me to lead and direct you – often in ways you’d never expect, and see how I move in and through you for My glory. That, beloved, is true faith – being wholly yielded to Me.”


Another Prophetic Nugget from Daily Downloads from Heaven by Meghan Williams is connected to this. It’s called “Be Emboldened,” and is based on Proverbs 28:1 (TPT). “Beloved, walk in righteousness as a child of the day. For you have been bathed in the Son’s light and reflect Melek Kabowd – the King of Glory, YHVH Ori – the Lord your Light. You are no longer a creature of darkness, so refuse to hide and cower, but rather be emboldened by the One who has redeemed you. You have nothing to feel guilty or ashamed of when you walk in the light. And even if you should stumble, beloved, simply repent and realign with Me that your witness may be powerful and your light may not be dimmed."

The name of the silk hidden in this image is Bold as a Lion. The colors in it are orange - fierce passion, soft gold - authority, mahogany - warrior’s heart – praise in the mouth and sword in the hand (Psalm 149:3-7), khaki - anointing, and gold shimmer - radiant glory.

Father, help us to walk in boldness – for our hearts and actions to echo the Lion of Judah’s roar. Help us to stand on Your Word and in Your authority. May we choose intimacy with You as the single most important gift of our lives.

- Meghan Williams

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Artist Meghan Williams - Dyed4you Ministries, United States

Meghan Williams is the founder of Dyed4you Ministries. She creates prophetic art and silks and is passionate about hearing the voice of God and helping others do the same. The primary mission of Dyed4you Ministries is to help foster deep relationships with God. This is accomplished through the Dyed4you silks, Dyed4you Art prophetic digital artwork, daily Prophetic Nuggets on Dyed4youMinistries.com, and Inspired Flow Art, all of which are supported by an amazing team of prophetic intercessors.

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