My church had a conference this weekend titled Moving Forward, and the Lord gave me this painting to share. May it be a blessing to you as you move forward in Him!


MOVE! by Elizabeth McLellan

Acrylic on Canvas, 16 x 20

This runner is always encountering resistance, but the resistance has made him the incredible athlete that he is. It has conditioned his muscles for increased strength and endurance so he can move quickly. He is supernaturally accelerated.


He has been trained in obedience. He joyfully faces difficult training knowing it is to give him the victory. Even though he is uncomfortable, he is determined to move through the temporary discomfort to finish the race.

He raises a flag made out of fire. The fire is the Spirit of God he carries and the bold message of Jesus Christ. He moves with the fire of God. He is dressed in a garment of burning. He is a burning one for Jesus.


The Lord is calling us to move forward. The disciplined resistance training has prepared us to move closely in step with the Lord. We must be ready at all times to move quickly with Him because of what is ahead of us!

- Elizabeth McLellan


Artist Elizabeth McLellan - Fire & Colour, Ontario, Canada

Elizabeth McLellan is the founder of Fire & Colour. Her heart is for people to encounter God through the arts. She loves artwork that exudes fiery love for Jesus! She believes God-inspired art needs to be seen by more people and be in more homes because it's such a blessing! Elizabeth loves to dabble in several mediums including oil painting, photography and digital art.

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